What is Crime Stoppers Bermuda?

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Crime Prevention

For crime prevention tips please call 295-0011 and ask for the community action team.


It’s important to make your home as protected as possible to ensure that it is a safe place for you and your loved ones.


Some of the most emotional and traumatic crime can take place within families. Even underneath the surface of a happy household there can be damage caused by unlawful behaviour. To recognise the signs and obtain help, find out what you need to look for.


Crime that happens in your neighbourhood can have a big impact on your quality of life. It is important to know when something is classed as criminal activity or anti-social behaviour and how you can protect yourself.

Why contact Crime Stoppers?

As an independent charity, we are not part of the police. When you contact us you won’t be identified. The only person who knows you contacted us with information is you.

How do I give information?

Our service is unique and designed to protect your identity, whether you call us or submit information online. To give information anonymously call 800 8477 or fill out our Anonymous Online Form.

What happens after I give Crime Stoppers information?

All phone calls are answered overseas by the Miami-Dade County Crime Stoppers in Miami, Florida, USA. After receiving your call or a completed Anonymous Online Form, a report is created that brings together all the information you told us, making sure that it doesn’t contain any information that could identify you. The edited information is then transferred back to Crime Stoppers Bermuda electronically.

Who is my report sent to?

The Crime Stoppers Bermuda coordinator relays reports to the relevant law enforcement agencies or authorities with the legal responsibility to investigate crimes, make arrests and charge people in order to bring them to justice. This could be the local police force or an agency such as Bermuda Customs. In all instances, the law enforcement agencies are unaware that they are working on a Crime Stoppers Bermuda tip, which further protects the integrity of the information and anonymity of the caller.

Step Up. Speak Out.

We are a registered Bermuda charity (No. 410) helping law enforcement to locate criminals and help solve crimes. We have an anonymous 24-hour Hotline phone number, 800-8477 (TIPS). Calls made to our confidential telephone number in Bermuda are received at the Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers Call Centre in Florida, USA. This phone network is a stand-alone instrument that does not provide caller ID, and conversations are not recorded. The Crime Stoppers Bermuda Coordinator receives the information and makes initial enquires and then passes the information to the investigating office.

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About Crime Stoppers Bermuda

We are a registered Bermuda charity (No. 410) helping law enforcement to locate criminals and help solve crimes. We have an anonymous 24-hour Hotline phone number, 800-8477 (TIPS), that people can call to pass on information about crime; alternatively people can send us information anonymously via our Anonymous Online Form. You don’t have to give your name or any of your personal details. We do not trace calls or track IP addresses.

Crime Stoppers Bermuda, P.O. Box HM 2711, Hamilton HM LX.

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Crime Stoppers Bermuda
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