7 Crime Stoppers Tips to Protect Your Community

7 Crime Stoppers Tips to Protect Your Community

Neighbourhood crime creates fear and impacts quality of life. It can isolate individuals from the communities that are there to offer support and security.

It is vitally important that each member of a community feels supported. Everyone should have the chance to contribute positively to their neighbourhood. When it comes to crime, the best way to reduce it is to create a community where criminals fear getting caught.

Read on for seven tips on how to help your neighbourhood deter criminals.

1.   Get to know your neighbours

Knowing who lives in your area helps you to spot individuals who don’t. Develop a good relationship with your neighbours so you can call on them for help if needed – and vice-versa. Feeling part of the community will give you the confidence to report crime if you witness it.

2.   Use a security system in your home

Making your home and garden secure with alarms and CCTV can not only keep your property safe, but also protect your neighbours homes as well. Police rely on footage from CCTV to identify perpetrators of neighbourhood crime. Your camera could be extremely helpful.

3.   Start a neighbourhood watch programme

Neighbourhood watch programmes have been known to be effective in deterring crime. Joining together with your neighbours, you can become the eyes and ears of your community. It will also help develop a good relationship with your local police force.  

4.   Keep up to date with local crime reports

Crime Stoppers Bermuda’s website details recent incidents and crimes in local areas. Your piece of information could be what helps solve a crime. Also, being aware of local crimes can help spread awareness to others.

5.   Empower the youth in your area

Boredom, poverty, family history, peer pressure – there are many reasons why young people end up getting involved in crime. Communities can encourage their young people by supporting local youth groups. You could even start one if your neighbourhood doesn’t provide much in the way of youth activities.  

6.   Support Crime Stoppers Bermuda fundraising activities

Crime Stoppers work hard to raise funds to enable the charity to continue serving the community. Donating to your local Crime Stoppers or even volunteering at fundraising events can make a big difference to your community. You will be supporting the people who support you.

7.   Use Crime Stoppers Bermuda’s hotline and online form to report crime

You can assist with investigations by using Crime Stoppers Bermuda services to report any relevant information. Services are completely anonymous, and you will never be asked for any personal information about yourself. Reluctant callers can rest assured that calls aren’t recorded, and IP addresses aren’t traced.

For those who are worried about using the hotline, you can also report anonymously by filling in our online form. All relevant information will be acted on. Bermuda Police Service provides a Police Programme Co-ordinator to Crime Stoppers, linking the information received with the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Remember, the more positivity you put into your community, the better you will feel.

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