What Is Crime Stoppers Anonymous?

What Is Crime Stoppers Anonymous?

Crime Stoppers Bermuda provides an anonymous service designed to protect your identity as you report information on a crime.

The majority of people want to help keep their neighbourhoods safe. But you may be anxious about passing information onto the police. Perhaps you fear retribution from criminals, family, or individuals you know.

Using Crime Stoppers Anonymous service ensures complete anonymity.

This service allows concerned members of the community to report what they have witnessed in a safe way. The burden of knowledge is passed over to Crime Stoppers. You are then able to relax, knowing that you have done the right thing in helping to stop or solve crime. But at no worry or cost to your personal safety.

The importance of Crime Stoppers Anonymous

The only way anybody will know you contacted us is if you tell somebody.

Anonymity is extremely important to our service. It is vital to Crime Stoppers Anonymous that the service is trusted by the public. If a caller was identified, that trust would be broken and it would be the end of the service.

As such, you have the freedom to report what you have seen or heard with no fear of reprisal. So much crime in the community is kept quiet, due to threats and intimidation. Witnesses know, or have heard much more, than they tell the police face-to-face. 

Reporting anonymously is simple and removes the fear. It is clear that this service works too. Approximately 14 people are arrested and charged every day, thanks to information from anonymous callers to Crime Stoppers organisations around the world.

How to report crime with Crime Stoppers Anonymous

It is easy and straightforward to contact Crime Stoppers Bermuda anonymously.

Whether you ring the hotline on 800–8477 or fill in our online form, your identity will be protected. No-one will ask you for any personal details. Your phone call won’t be recorded, and your IP address won’t be tracked. Calls from a landline won’t show up on a phone bill either.

To ensure confidentiality and that you aren’t speaking to someone who knows you, all calls are answered by Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers in Florida, USA.

Specially trained call agents make sure there is no information in your report that could identify you. This includes your gender, apparent age, accent or ethnicity.  And even if you accidentally give personal details, they will not be recorded or passed on. There is also the option to request a translator if English isn’t your first language.

If you choose to use the online form, you will be asked create a password. This means you can login to the tip line at any time to follow up on your information. Or to answer any additional questions Crime Stoppers may have. The online form doesn’t ask for any details other than the information you want to disclose.

Both ways of reporting your information have equal anonymity.

Remember that the criminal’s identity is the only one we’re interested in.

Crime Stoppers Bermuda 800-8477

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About Crime Stoppers Bermuda

We are a registered Bermuda charity (No. 410) helping law enforcement to locate criminals and help solve crimes. We have an anonymous 24-hour Hotline phone number, 800-8477 (TIPS), that people can call to pass on information about crime; alternatively people can send us information anonymously via our Anonymous Online Form. You don’t have to give your name or any of your personal details. We do not trace calls or track IP addresses.

Crime Stoppers Bermuda, P.O. Box HM 2711, Hamilton HM LX.

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