What Is Classed as Anti-social Behaviour?

What Is Classed as Anti-social Behaviour?

Most people agree that community involvement is a positive thing. It fosters the feeling of belonging and safety, as well as improving neighbourhood services.

But there will always be those who prefer their involvement to be a negative one. Those who contribute to disruption, crime and harassment – in other words, anti-social behaviour. Read on to find out more…

What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour can be defined as behaviour by a person which causes or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to the community. It can range from acts of socially unacceptable behaviour to criminal offences.

Let’s look at the three main types…

1. Personal anti-social behaviour

This refers to behaviour aimed at a particular individual or group. Examples include:

  • Nightmare neighbours – loud music and rowdy behaviour can be used to target a specific person in their home.
  • Harassment and bullying– attacks on property or the use of social media to be hostile and intimidating.

2. Nuisance anti-social behaviour

This describes behaviour aimed at the wider community. For example:

  • Vehicle nuisance – driving cars up and down streets noisily or at inappropriate times. Abandoning stolen moped or scooters at the side of the road.
  • Nuisance noise – rowdy, noisy parties either in a home or public area. This will also encompass street drinking and the consumption of illegal substances in public.

3. Environmental anti-social behaviour

This is behaviour aimed at public areas or buildings. For example:

  • Littering or drug paraphernalia – discarding litter or dangerous items linked to drug-taking in public areas.
  • Uncontrolled animals – keeping unsafe dogs, excessive barking, street fouling, or using an animal to intimidate the community and its individuals.

Impact on communities

Short-term impact – the initial impact of anti-social behaviour spreads fear, anger and intimidation. Individuals may not have the confidence anymore to walk to the shop and feel suspicious of everyone they meet. This will inevitably lead to a more prolonged effect.

Long-term impact –  exposure to community violence can increase a young person’s chance of developing anxiety, depression or indulging in anti-social behaviours themselves. It can also make a community a more isolated place, as neighbours will not be as willing to help each other if anti-social behaviour is intimidating them. Individuals may not have pride in their community if a run-down, neglected look has developed, which in turn affects the mood and spirit of the locals.

What can you do to help in your community?

As a member of your community, you may feel strongly that you want to protect your home and neighbours from crime. But remember, that your number one priority is to keep yourself safe.

Do not confront anti-social perpetrators. Bermuda Police and Crimestoppers Bermuda are both important resources for individuals and communities who need help in preventing or addressing crime in their areas.

Contact Crime Stoppers Bermuda with your concerns

Crime Stoppers Bermuda is an anonymous service through which you can pass on your anti-social behaviour concerns, or report anything you have witnessed in complete confidence.

Any information you provide is treated as confidential and will only be used in conjunction with the appropriate authorities. Crime Stoppers provides support in enabling you to help your community without fear of reprisals or feeling unsafe.

If you would like to contact Crime Stoppers Bermuda, either call us on our confidential number 800 – 8477 or fill in our online form.


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