6 Benefits of Neighbourhood Watch Schemes

6 Benefits of Neighbourhood Watch Schemes

Neighbourhood Watch schemes have become instrumental in giving people a sense of control, safety and togetherness. Providing extra ‘eyes and ears’ for a community, these schemes have a number of benefits, from allaying fears to building a community spirit. Read on to find out more.

1. Preventing local crime and disorder

Information is the essential ingredient when it comes to neighbourhood watch groups. Whether it’s a concerned community member contacting Crime Stoppers or neighbours spreading the latest on robberies in the area – keeping everyone informed helps prevent crime.

2. Reducing fear of crime

Safety in numbers rings true when it comes to neighbourhood watch. Communities take the power back from the criminals when they stick together to support each other. Victims of crime can feel safe and supported in reporting to the police. Knowing that someone is looking out for you can make you feel less vulnerable and alone.

And it also sends a strong message to the criminals, that a community is looking after each other and won’t be intimidated.

3. Addressing anti-social behaviour issues

Having a cohesive and recognised core group of people to speak up for community concerns and share ideas will help when it comes to anti-social behaviour.

Developing programs for the youth of the community can reduce any vandalism and loud loitering that happens when teenagers have no place to hang out in the evenings. Making a scruffy run-down piece of grass into a play area for children, for example, can change the look and make it more community-minded and safe for others.

Having a police liaison is an excellent way to help address anti-social behaviour as well.

4. Improving quality of life

The aim of neighbourhood watch is to create a safer neighbourhood so that every member has an improved quality of life. The very fact that like-minded community members are joining together in this way, will make the area safer and give better quality relationships as people look out for each other. People may check in on elderly neighbours to make sure they are okay, and the general quality of life will inevitably increase.

5. Building community spirit and cohesion

Community spirit is at the heart of any neighbourhood watch group. Each member should have the shared desire to look after their community and improve crime and anti-social behaviour. Organised events such as street parties, fairs and BBQ’s can make community members feel they are part of something and help to create a caring neighbourhood.

6. Enhancing partnerships with other community groups

Neighbourhood watch wouldn’t work on its own, as a separate entity. Schemes will only flourish when partnership is available through collaboration with other community groups. For example, helping church groups or charities with homelessness can help people contribute to the need of their communities and not be scared of or make assumptions about those who simply need help.

Alternatively, security can be supported in communities by neighbourhood watch schemes liaising with those groups that help the elderly and vulnerable.

Neighbourhood watch + Crime Stoppers = safer communities

Crime Stoppers are vigilant in supporting all neighbourhood watch schemes in Bermuda. We offer an anonymous service to anyone who has any information about crime in your community and wants to do their bit by passing it on to the relevant people.

You will never be asked for any personal information and if you would prefer to use our online service, you can simply fill in our confidential online form.

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