Do Security Signs Deter Crime?

Do Security Signs Deter Crime?

It’s been proven that displaying security signs can reduce the chances of crime. A study carried out by the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice (RSCJ) concluded that security signs, which show properties have alarms, greatly affect a criminal’s decision to target a particular property or carry out a crime.

So not only would potential intruders move on from their intended target, they aren’t likely to try again nearby instead, leading to lower crime rates in the neighbourhood.

What types of crime can be deterred?

Crime such as assaults and vandalism can be avoided in circumstances where security cameras, alarms and signs are displayed. In public areas such as shopping malls, town centres, parks, cinemas and car parks, individuals might think again if they’re aware that their actions will be recorded and the authorities will be alerted.

Burglaries, in particular, are greatly reduced when a working and obvious alarm system is present. Practically every security alarm comes with the option of displaying a sign or sticker to advertise that security measures are in place.

This is backed findings from a study by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, titled “Understanding Decisions to Burglarize from the Offender’s Perspective.”

The majority of respondents reported that they considered increased security signs before deciding to break into a property or not. 60% reported that they would look for an alternative target if the property had an alarm.

Top tip – don’t be fooled into thinking you can display security signs without actually having a working alarm. Many burglars don’t take this at face value and will always have a scout about to confirm whether there is an actual alarm or if you are just trying to trick them with a sign.

Types of signs

There are a few different types of security signs, depending on the level of attention you are looking for. These include:

  • Stake-style – these are noticeable signs on a stake or post that are displayed in your front garden to advertise that you have security measures in place.
  • Window signs and decals – smaller stickers that can be attached to any window to let potential intruders know your home is alarmed.
  • Large square or rectangular PVC signs – this type can be attached with screws to outside and inside walls, making your security message very clear.

Where should you place signs?

Although signs can be very effective, it is not necessary to plaster them over the whole exterior of your property. Just make sure you place any signs where they are likely to be seen by a potential burglar.

  • Front doors, windows, gates – anywhere that is visible from the street.
  • Backyard fences – to catch the attention of criminals moving through back gardens.
  • First-floor or basement windows – places that could be a weak point for security.
  • Garage doors – a prime area that burglars are likely to target.

Making your neighbourhood secure with Crime Stoppers

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