Do Dogs Deter Burglars?

Do Dogs Deter Burglars?

Many people get annoyed with neighbourhood dogs that can seem loud, boisterous, persistent or aggressive.  But is there something to be said for those dogs when it comes to home safety? More specifically, do dogs deter burglars?

This post will examine the pros and cons of whether dogs are a good option when guarding your property and loved ones.

Yes – a dog can deter burglars

It is a fact that dogs help people feel safe. Whether through physical protection or emotional stability, pets are extremely important in human wellbeing. A study carried out by the University of Jaen in Spain found that when a dog is present, people feel safer in riskier situations.

Over-stimulated dogs are also great at getting in the way when you’re trying to do something. “As most burglars want to be in and out of a house in less than 5 minutes, dogs can be a good deterrent,” a former criminal told the Guardian.

Other plus points include:

  • Noise – no burglar wants a barking dog to draw attention to them. Homeowners and neighbours will be alerted to the fact that something is wrong immediately and either investigate or call the police. Burglars are likely to be put off and decide to find an easier target.
  • The power of suggestion – Even the possibility of a dog can make a burglar think again. Amazon Echo has seen the popularity of barking dogs as a deterrent and offers recordings to use as a security measure.
  • Size of dog – Research has found that any type of dog can be effective in scaring off burglars. Large dogs, such as German Shepherds, are a physical threat and small dogs (any type of terrier) are great at being noisy and persistent with barking.
  • Physical barrier – If an intruder tried to break into your home, a dog can be an excellent barrier and slow burglars down until they get chased off or the police can arrive.

No – a dog is not a guarantee of security

Even though a dog can be effective at preventing burglars, there are quite a few reasons why some intruders won’t be put off, including:

  • Burglars know what they’re doing – Professional burglars are experienced in dealing with dogs and will know that most pets won’t bite unless they’re harmed. They will simply put the dog into a room and close them in while they go through the home.
  • Unpredictability – It is hard to know what could happen when your dog comes face to face with an intruder. Unless it is a trained guard dog, there is a chance that your friendly pooch could get in the way and get hurt.
  • Distraction – A prepared burglar could bring items to distract any dog they may encounter, for example, dog treats, bones or a toy.
  • Dogs can’t always prevent burglary – No matter how trained your dog is, it is a good idea to support it with a high-quality security system. A barking dog combined with a piercing alarm is the best way to deter any intruders from break-ins.

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