General Safety Reminder Regarding Children During Summer Break

General Safety Reminder Regarding Children During Summer Break

With a variety of summer programmes involving a number of children currently underway, the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) reminds residents of some general safety advice.

Water Activities

Children should never be left unsupervised near a pool or the ocean. Responsible adults need to properly supervise children at all times when on the beaches and shorelines as well as around public and private pools. Children, especially young ones, can get into trouble quickly, even in shallow water.

While deemed by some a cultural rite of passage, cliff diving is a very dangerous activity and should be avoided. Many young lives have been forever changed as a result of cliff diving incidents gone wrong. When at the beach, check to see if there are lifeguards on duty or, at the very least, if a flotation device with an attached lanyard is nearby, which can be thrown to anyone experiencing difficulty in the water. Children who are not strong swimmers should use personal floatation aids if going swimming.

Personal life jackets should be worn on all boats – especially with children and those who cannot swim. Also, have at the least one life jacket for each boat passenger. Avoid having children sit on the bow (front) of any boat, especially small fast powerboats where a large wake or quick stop could lead to serious injury.

Traffic Awareness

Children also require adult supervision if walking near traffic (especially when in groups) and should always walk on the sidewalk, if possible. Motorists are asked to be especially vigilant near playgrounds and homes, as children playing in those areas may run out into the road without warning. Never allow children to play in the road.

Safety is the Top Priority

Children should be reassured that they can speak with a trusted adult if they feel uncomfortable in any situation. Adults, including summer programme staff, can help ensure a safer summer for Bermuda’s children by being vigilant and reporting any concerns or suspicious circumstances to the BPS by calling 211, or 911 in an emergency.

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