Safety in Bermuda – 5 Top Tips

Safety in Bermuda – 5 Top Tips

Whether you’re a resident of Bermuda or a newcomer to the island, safety is a high priority. No one wants to live somewhere that makes them feel uncomfortable or fearful. Fortunately, Bermuda has a relatively low crime rate and people on the island can enjoy its beauty with little worry.

Saying that, it also only makes sense to do all you can to keep yourself, your loved ones and your property safe. This post outlines 5 top tips on how to do just that.

Top Tips:

1. Be wary of walking in certain areas at night

Although Bermuda is a country with a fairly low crime rate, there is a considerable amount of gang activity. Residents should be aware of the particular areas that aren’t safe to venture into at night and keep an eye on any young family members who are vulnerable to being influenced to join a gang.

2. Beware of rip currents on the beach

For those who aren’t strong swimmers or aren’t used to rip currents, be very careful when swimming in Bermuda’s beaches. A fast-moving channel of water, it can easily get a swimmer into trouble. Top tip for the unfortunate few who get caught in a rip current: don’t try to swim directly towards the shore. It’s better to go with the current until it smooths out and then swim diagonally back to shore.

3. Lock your doors and windows at night

Burglary isn’t a huge problem in Bermuda, but it stands to reason that locking your doors and windows is the best way to keep your home secure. Even if you live in an area where everyone leaves their doors unlocked, remember that the island is full of tourists and other visitors that may be potential opportunists.

4. Be aware of the law and follow it

Bermuda’s police force are strict and crack down firmly on anti-social behaviour. So one way to stay safe in Bermuda is to not get on the wrong side of the law. Some areas of the island are more troubled than others, so it’s important to be vigilant and know the rules of the community that you live in.

5. Join a neighbourhood watch scheme

Getting to know a group of supportive people is a good way to help you feel more secure in your community.  Neighbourhood watch schemes bring people together and give isolated individuals a link to their community. Looking out for each other can make a huge difference in creating a safer place to live.

Stay safe with support from Crime Stoppers Bermuda

If you feel worried about safety in Bermuda, be reassured that Crime Stoppers Bermuda are working tirelessly alongside Bermuda Police Force to combat all types of anti-social behaviour. Through community engagement, getting information to the public and their anonymous service, the public can help them in their mission.

So for anyone who has been a witness or a victim of a crime, reporting what you know to Crime Stoppers could make a big difference. Their service is completely anonymous and you won’t be asked for any personal information. You can either call Crime Stoppers on 800 – 8477 or complete our online information form.

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About Crime Stoppers Bermuda

We are a registered Bermuda charity (No. 410) helping law enforcement to locate criminals and help solve crimes. We have an anonymous 24-hour Hotline phone number, 800-8477 (TIPS), that people can call to pass on information about crime; alternatively people can send us information anonymously via our Anonymous Online Form. You don’t have to give your name or any of your personal details. We do not trace calls or track IP addresses.

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