What Are the Most Common Crimes in Bermuda?

What Are the Most Common Crimes in Bermuda?

When you think about Bermuda, the crime rate isn’t usually your first thought. But in the middle of daydreams of sun, sea and sand, it’s prudent to know about common crimes on the island. It’s true that most of its residential areas have very low crime. But there are still some problem areas and anti-social activities that affect Bermuda’s communities.

This post will take a look at crime in Bermuda and outline the most common issues.

1. Gun crime within gangs

Even though Bermuda has an issue with gun crime, virtually all of it relates to individuals within gangs. Shootings are targeted and take place in gang areas, rarely, if ever, involving pedestrians or tourists. In 2021, 2 local people were shot and killed and 10 shot and injured in separate gang incidents.

To combat gun crime, the government formed a Gang Violence Reduction Team, working with local schools and young people to say no to gang culture.

2. Scooters

Visitors to the island aren’t allowed to drive cars, so any on the road will be driven by permanent residents. But the popular 50cc scooters are available for hire and the island can be covered with tourists on scooters. This is a dangerous thought, as people who previously haven’t driven a scooter are able to hire one very easily.

Local people need to be aware of the areas where scooters are likely to be and take extra care when walking out and about. Road accidents with scooters are pretty common in Bermuda and even though the national speed limit is 22mph, there are plenty of riders who ignore the limit.

3. Petty theft (pick-pocketing)

You could be forgiven for thinking that opportunistic thieves only target tourists or visitors on the island. But the common crime of stealing bags – sometimes at high speed from the back of a scooter – can also be targeted at locals. Criminals aren’t picky and will attempt to steal from anyone. So, it’s important for local residents and tourists alike to keep themselves and their belongings safe, whether at home, in their hotel on the beach or at work.

4. Anti-social behaviour

In 2020, there were 917 crimes against the community. Anti-social behaviour in Bermuda rose quickly between 2019-2020. Clearly, this was due to the impact of the Covid-19 lockdowns and how they resulted in desperate, bored and frustrated residents venturing outside when they weren’t supposed to.

Government schemes have been developed in order to deter children and youth before they get caught up in petty theft or recruited into a gang. Both The Gang Violence Reduction Team and the Stop the Violence campaign are in place to work at engaging young people and encouraging the community to help.

Help reduce crime with your local Crime Stoppers

Community members are encouraged to get involved in their neighbourhood by reporting any crimes they witness on the island to Crime Stoppers.

If you would like to do your bit against Bermuda’s crime rates, Crime Stoppers Bermuda is here to help. Our anonymous service allows anyone to report what they know in complete confidence and with no fear of reprisals.

Contact Crime Stoppers Bermuda today on 800-8477 or fill in our anonymous online form.

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