What is the Bermuda Crime Rate?

What is the Bermuda Crime Rate?

Bermuda is often associated with idyllic scenes of sunshine, clear blue waters and a relaxing pace of life. It’s always been known as a relatively safe country. However, many people may be surprised to hear that it has a growing gang-related crime, along with its fair share of petty crime.

Want to know more? In this post, we’ll dig deeper into the Bermuda crime rate for gang culture, property crime, sexual offences and scooter theft – along with how the crime rate has changed in recent years.

Gang culture

Below the tranquil dream destination façade, lies an unsettling truth – Bermuda is grappling with a burgeoning gang issue. A notable 186 incidents were reported between 2012 and 2022 in relation to the crime developing from the island’s gang culture.

According to the Bermuda Police Service’s estimation, a minimum of 9 separate gangs are active in Bermuda and, disturbingly, members as young as 8 years old are being recruited by family members.

Property crime

The Covid pandemic impacted the Bermuda crime rate for thefts and burglaries in 2020. Lockdown measures reduced crime on property as the majority of the island’s people stayed in their homes. Only 1,741 cases were recorded, which may initially seem a lot but was a massive decrease from 2,068 the previous year.

Sexual offences

There have been between 26 and 58 reported sexual assaults each year, including offences from flashing to rape. The actual number is significantly higher but due to the nature of the crime, many victims are terrified to report being in an abusive relationship and continue to suffer in silence.

Scooter theft

Scooter theft is relatively common in Bermuda. Local youths like to take bikes and go joyriding, usually riding them on remote roads and causing significant damage. All scooter rental companies will provide you with a steel U-lock. They’re virtually impossible to break and will reduce the chances of your scooter being stolen.

When was crime the lowest?

2019 was a good year for the island’s citizens as we saw the lowest Bermuda crime rate of the century. The same year, it achieved the world’s lowest murder rate – the Bermuda Crime Statistics for 2019 registered a complete absence of incidents, marking a 100% reduction from the figures in 2017.

This low crime rate didn’t remain consistent though. By 2023, anti-social behaviour and gang violence had both increased. Property crime seemed to have decreased, which could largely be put down to the lasting effects of the Covid pandemic.

Join the fight against crime with Crime Stoppers Bermuda

Crime has a significant effect on the well-being of our communities. And everyone can do their bit to reduce the Bermuda crime rate. But it can be difficult to share information about a crime, comfortably and securely.

Crime Stoppers Bermuda provides an anonymous platform for you to report any concerns or information you might have, ensuring complete anonymity and confidentiality. Our service offers a safe way for individuals to actively participate in preventing crime in their local area.

To reach out to Crime Stoppers Bermuda, you can contact us through our confidential hotline at 800-8477 or by completing our anonymous online form.

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