Can You Report a Crime Online?

Can You Report a Crime Online?

In today’s digital world, many things can now be easily done online. This includes the option to report a crime online.  But it’s not just about going to a police website – there are specific steps to follow to make sure you are reporting to the right people. Read on for a quick guide on how to do report crime online correctly.

Types of crimes that can be reported online

It’s important to remember that although you can report some crimes online, this doesn’t apply to all crimes. If an incident is a non-emergency that doesn’t need immediate police attention, it can be reported online. These can include:


If you know something about a burglary but not who did it, you can report it on to your local police via their online platforms. However, if you know a suspect or details about a theft, it is better to speak directly to the police as soon as you can.


When property has been damaged and the person responsible has left the area, it is not usually a pressing problem, and you are able to report it online. This might include situations like graffiti, broken windows or other types of damage.


If someone is repeatedly bothering another person, it’s ongoing harassment or intimidation. It’s important to report this to the police to stop it. You can often report this kind of behaviour online and the authorities will contact you for more information if they need it.


For online scams, stolen credit card information, or other money-related issues, you are able to report a crime online. But if there’s an emergency or a crime in progress, that’s when you need to call emergency services for quick help.

Who do I report the crime to?

Official police websites

Most police departments around the world have official websites where citizens can report non-emergency crimes. These platforms typically have forms that need to be filled out with details of the crime – including descriptions, times, locations and any available evidence.

Once the report is submitted, the police may follow up for additional information. In some cases, you might be given a report number for reference, and you can use this to check the status of your report.

Anonymous, trusted platforms

There are also third-party platforms, like Crime Stoppers, which allow people to report crimes anonymously. These platforms then forward the information to the relevant authorities.

Mobile applications

Some areas have dedicated mobile applications where residents can quickly and efficiently report a crime. For example, P3Tips – a web-based app that enables users to submit secure and anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers and law enforcement.

Report a crime online in confidence

The ability to report a crime online has become a convenient option for many, especially for non-emergency incidents. By understanding the types of crimes that can be reported online, you can effectively aid in crime prevention and community safety. Always remember, for emergencies or crimes in progress, reaching out via phone to emergency services may be the best course of action.

But if you have information on a non-urgent crime, Crime Stoppers offers an anonymous service where you can report what you know in confidence. Call 800 – 8477 to speak to a confidential operator or fill in our online form.

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