Christmas Break-ins How to Protect Your Property

Christmas Break-ins: How to Protect Your Property

While the holiday season is a time for celebration and joy, it’s also a time to stay vigilant and protect your property. With these easy-to-follow tips, you can enjoy a worry-free Christmas, knowing that your home is secure. So go ahead, hang those twinkling lights, bake those cookies and spread the holiday cheer – all while keeping your property safe from grinches and thieves.

1. Light up your world

One of the easiest and most effective ways to deter Christmas break-ins is to shine a light on their mischievous plans. Invest in outdoor motion sensor lights. These nifty gadgets spring to life whenever they detect movement, illuminating dark corners and sending intruders scurrying away like startled reindeer. Plus, they add a festive glow to your holiday decor!

2. The gift of smart home security

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind with smart home security systems. These modern marvels not only allow you to keep an eye on your property in real time but also offer features like motion detectors plus window and door sensors. Not to mention remote access through your smartphone. So, while you’re sipping cocoa by the fireplace, you can rest assured that your home is under a digital mistletoe of protection.

3. Make it look like you’re home

If you’re planning a getaway for the holidays, make it seem like you’re still home. Put your lights on timers to mimic your regular routines. Don’t forget to ask a trusted neighbour or friend to collect your mail and keep an eye on things. An overflowing mailbox or snow-covered driveway can be clear signs that no one’s home.

4. Secure your windows and doors

Santa might use the chimney, but burglars often opt for the more mundane entry points like windows and doors. Ensure that all your windows and doors are locked securely before leaving. Consider reinforcing them with additional locks or bars for added protection.

5. Social media silence

We know you’re excited to share your holiday adventures with friends and family, but broadcasting your travel plans on social media can also alert potential burglars that your home is empty. Save the vacation posts for when you’re back to avoid any Christmas break-ins.

6. Don’t advertise your presents

Christmas morning is a time for joy and surprises, but it’s best not to flaunt your gifts to the world. Dispose of packaging discreetly. Don’t leave boxes from your brand-new big-screen TV or gaming console on the kerb – you are likely to attract the wrong kind of attention.

7. Friendship with neighbours

Your neighbours can be your greatest allies in keeping your property safe. Establish a neighbourhood watch or just keep in touch with those living nearby. If they notice anything unusual, they can alert you or the authorities. Plus, it’s a great excuse to spread some holiday cheer with your community.

8. Consider a home security assessment

Some police departments and security companies offer free home security assessments. They’ll come to your home and suggest ways to make it more secure. It’s a valuable service that can help you identify potential vulnerabilities and make necessary improvements.

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