Community Safety: A Quick & Easy Guide

Community Safety: A Quick & Easy Guide

Being a part of a community is like being in a large, diverse family. Each member watches out for the next and they support each other to stay safe. In this community safety guide, we’ll look at some easy, simple ways to keep your local community a tight-knit family – and one that has each other’s backs.

Know your neighbours

Getting to know your neighbours can make your area feel friendly and connected. Just start by saying “hi” to the people living next door and down the street. You’ll make new friends and your neighbourhood will start to feel like a community. It’s amazing what a simple wave and a “hello” can do!

Lights, camera, safety

Outdoor lighting is a great safety feature all year, not just during the holiday season. A well-lit area can keep away intruders and make everyone feel safer. It also has the bonus of making your neighbourhood look warm and inviting.

Lock it up

Protect your home, car and even your prized collection of garden gnomes by ensuring they are always securely locked. Consider locks as your security guards, protecting valuables and keeping intruders at bay. Always double-check that everything is locked up securely when you leave your house and don’t forget to lock your car as well.

See something, say something

If you notice anything out of the ordinary or potentially suspicious, make sure to raise your voice. Be it an odd package or unknown individuals in your area, alerting the right authorities helps maintain your community’s safety. Crime Stoppers, for example, offers a confidential, anonymous service where you can be assured of discretion when reporting what you know.

Neighbourhood Watch programs

Neighbourhood Watch programs strengthen community safety and unity by encouraging residents to look out for each other and report suspicious activities. They enhance communication among neighbours and create a co-operative relationship with local law enforcement. This collective effort reduces crime and boosts community spirit, making neighbourhoods safer places to live.

Educate yourself

A little education goes a long way when it comes to safety since knowledge is power. Attend neighbourhood safety seminars, educate yourself on disaster preparedness, and be aware of the services available in your area.

Online safety

Don’t overlook online safety in the modern digital world! Be careful about sharing too much online, use secure passwords and safeguard your personal information. You wouldn’t offer your address to a random person on the street, so equally, be careful what you divulge in the virtual world.

Emergency contact list

Keeping a handy list of key contacts, from local law enforcement and medical centres to the neighbour skilled in repairs, is like having a safety net. Ensure that it’s within easy reach, perhaps stuck to your fridge or saved in your phone, ready to be your lifeline when you need it.

Speaking up: reporting crime to Crime Stoppers

Community safety is about looking out for one another, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few easy steps, you can keep your community safe and secure. One way to do this is to contact Crime Stoppers if you have information or witness a crime. You are offered a confidential, anonymous service that will give you confidence in reporting what you know, with no fear of reprisals.

You can contact us on 800- 8477 or fill in our online information form.

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