8 Crime Prevention Tips for 2024

Crime prevention is crucial for the safety and well-being of our communities. As we enter 2024, staying informed and taking proactive measures are essential to ensure our safety and the security of our neighbourhoods.

In the worst-case scenario, being prepared can make all the difference. Here are 8 crime prevention tips that everyone should remember.

1. Stay alert and aware

Your first line of defence against crime is staying alert. Pay close attention to your surroundings, especially in areas that aren’t busy. Reduce distractions by avoiding using your phone while walking alone.

Keep one ear free if you’re listening to music, so you can hear what’s happening around you and choose to walk in well-lit, busier areas when possible.

2. Secure your home

Make sure your home is always safe. Install strong locks on all doors and windows, and think about getting a full security system. Remember to lock everything, even when you’re at home, to keep your property secure at all times.

3. Light up your property

Criminals often choose to act under the cover of darkness. To try to discourage them, ensure your home and immediate vicinity are brightly lit. Installing motion sensor lights is an excellent strategy, as they can deter intruders by lighting up unexpectedly.

4. Join or set up a community watch

There’s strength in numbers. Getting involved with or starting a neighbourhood watch programme is an effective way to add to community safety. This collective vigilance not only deters criminal activity but also strengthens bonds with your neighbours.

5. Be cautious online

Cybercrime is on the rise, so it’s a good idea to use strong, unique passwords for each of your accounts. Be wary of sharing personal information online and regularly update your computer’s security software.

6. Travel smart

When you’re out, always keep your belongings secure and close to you. Avoid showing off expensive items like jewellery and electronics in public. Be cautious and aware of your surroundings when using ATMs, and cover your PIN when using it.

7. Educate children and teens

Teach your children about staying safe. Make sure they understand the dangers of talking to strangers and what actions to take if they’re in an uncomfortable situation or approached by someone they don’t recognise.

Also, remind them to let you know where they are and if they have any worries.

8. Report suspicious activity

If you observe anything out of the ordinary or suspicious, don’t hesitate to report it to the police. Contacting Crime Stoppers Bermuda is another confidential means to provide information.

Your information could play a vital role in preventing criminal activities and ensuring a safer environment for everyone. And it can also be important to encourage your family and friends to take responsibility for community safety as well.

Preventing crime with Crime Stoppers

Everyone has a role to play in keeping Bermuda safe. If you see something, say something. Your information, no matter how small it may seem, could be crucial in preventing or solving a crime.

Remember that you can provide information anonymously to Crime Stoppers Bermuda, whether by a confidential phone call on 800-8477 , or by filling in our anonymous online form.


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