How to Make Community Safety Your New Year’s Resolution

How to Make Community Safety Your New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year, Bermuda! It’s that time again, when resolutions are made, with the aim of making a change for the better. While Bermuda has a relatively low crime rate, there are still 900+ reported anti-social incidents every year.

So this year, why not think beyond personal goals and consider making community safety a part of your New Year’s resolution? Read on for some top tips on how to do this.

Get to know your neighbours

Building a close-knit community is step one. Knowing who lives around you is more than just a friendly gesture – it’s a safety net. Organise or attend local meet-ups, whether it’s a neighbourhood watch group or a casual barbecue at the park.

If you have children, encouraging friendships with other children in your area can help families get closer.

The better you know your neighbours, the more you can create that important sense of community – so when crime happens, you can share information and support. Or help to deter it in the first place through community vigilance.

Stay informed and alert

By keeping up with local news and joining online groups, you’ll be more aware and ready to help keep your community safe.

Ways to do it include:

Read or watch local news

Make it a routine to catch up with local news. Whether it’s through newspapers, TV or online, staying updated about what’s happening nearby is essential to help you support your community.

Use social media and apps

Join groups on Facebook, WhatsApp or other apps where people share updates. These groups are great for getting instant news about your area, like community events or safety alerts.

Volunteer locally

Getting involved in community safety initiatives is an important way to engage with your community. There are many organisations and charitable programmes that are focused on making a significant impact.

For example, you could volunteer for neighbourhood watches or support local youth programmes that discourage children and teens from anti-social behaviour.

Your efforts can help in not just reducing crime, but also in building a community where everyone feels safe and valued. And you might just make some new friends in the new year!

Practise safe behaviour

In communities where everyone knows each other, your positive actions really help make the neighbourhood safer. This includes keeping your home safe and teaching your kids about safety.

It’s good to remember that everyone, no matter their age or abilities, can help improve community safety. This way, everyone can be involved and feel like they are part of keeping the community safe and connected.

Engage with local authorities

Working together with the police is a great way to foster community safety. This new year, consider going to town hall meetings (if you don’t already), tell the police if you see something strange and share your thoughts with them.

You will find many police officers are easy to talk to and will listen to your concerns. Engaging with the police is also a positive way to lessen divisions between citizens and the authorities, where everyone is working towards the same goal.

Additionally, showing a good example through positive relationships with the police will help younger generations to interact better with them.

Support Crime Stoppers Bermuda

Crime Stoppers Bermuda helps everyone who wants to report crime or strange behaviour in their area. Making your neighbourhood safer also makes your home safer.

If you know anything about a crime, call our confidential number on 800-8477 or fill out our online form without giving your name. We won’t ask for your personal information. Your help can make our community a safer place for everyone.

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