How To Stay Safe On A Night Out

Nights out can be a fun way to let loose and spend time with your friends. However, crime can ruin a good evening in an instant. While crime is never the victim’s fault, there are things that you can do to keep yourself safer.

Stay in groups

There’s safety in numbers. Criminals will seek out people who are alone because they’re easier to overpower. By staying in a group, you ensure that there will always be witnesses and other people to defend you.

For similar reasons, crowded places are also safer than quiet streets.

Secure your belongings

The type of bag that you choose can impact how safe your belongings are. Open-top bags are easy for people to steal from, so make sure that you have a secure zip.

The way that you hold your bag can also make a difference. A bag on one shoulder can be easily taken, but wearing the strap across your body will make it harder to snatch.

Hide valuables

Any valuables on display are easy targets, and they let thieves know that you are worth stealing from. Where possible, leave valuable possessions at home. Any essential items should be hidden from view.

Cover drinks

Drink spiking is a danger to everyone. To prevent drink spiking, cover your drink and never, under any circumstances, drink something that has been left unattended.

You can buy devices to cover your drink, but make sure you know how to properly use anything that you’re relying on. You can also buy devices to test a drink for certain substances, but these are not always reliable as alcohol is one of the most commonly used spiking substances.

If you suspect that anyone in your group has been spiked, tell staff and get them medical attention immediately.

Don’t walk home

If possible, catch a lift home with a designated driver or take a taxi. Walking home through quiet streets is one of the most vulnerable parts of a night out, so travelling home by car can help you avoid those dangers.

Stay with the streetlights

At night, it’s very easy for criminals to sneak up on you. Dark streets have even more darkness for predators to hide in. Streets with no lamps are also generally less populated than those with streetlights, making it easier for bad people to get away with crime. By staying in lit streets, you ensure that you can be aware of your surroundings.

Avoid confrontation

Alcohol lowers people’s inhibitions, and sometimes interferes with their sense of right and wrong. If a situation starts to look like it could turn dangerous, disengage as soon as possible and go somewhere with witnesses.

Report a crime

If you’ve had a night out gone wrong, Crime Stoppers Bermuda offers a way to anonymously report a crime. You can use our online form or phone line to report without the police knowing your identity.

Call 888-8477 or use our online form to report a crime.

Crime Stoppers Bermuda 800-8477

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