Holiday safety tips

As the holiday shopping season is upon us, please take time to ensure you have a safe and happy holiday season. As you find time to shop, please be mindful of the following safety tips:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Look for suspicious persons, etc. when you are in any area.
  • Remember where you parked your car. While this may sound elementary, many shopping areas are spread out over large areas. Being unable to locate a car can cause you undue confusion and stress that may present you as a better target to a criminal.
  • If shopping late in the day or after dark, park in an area that is well lighted. Keep in mind, if you are shopping at a mall, the time the store closes from which you enter the mall, as some stores close earlier than others. This may keep you from having to walk unnecessary distances to you car if you find the store has closed earlier than you expected.
  • Shop in pairs at the very least. Take a friend or family member shopping with you. There is something to be said for safety in numbers.
  • As you return to your car, make sure to keep your car key in your hand.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Pay for purchases with checks, credit, charge or debit cards. Carry cash and wallets in a front pocket to reduce your chances of having your pocket picked.
  • Don’t leave car phones, purses, CD cases, or any other item of value in your parked car where they can be seen. Always conceal these items.
  • Don’t leave purchased merchandise in your parked car where it can be seen. Conceal these items also.
  • While these steps don’t guarantee you will not become the victim of crime, they will hopefully reduce your chances of falling prey to a criminal.


  • Jostling through crowded malls while carrying your jacket, juggling countless bags and keeping your child from breaking anything you can’t afford to buy makes you an attractive target to criminals looking to grab wallets, purses and your purchases. 

To stymie would-be thieves:

  • A man should carry his wallet in the front pocket of his pants, rather than in a back pocket or in his jacket. A woman should hold her purse close to her body, with the opening facing toward her; when walking with another person, the purse should be held between the two.
  • Consolidate purchases into one or two large shopping bags so you can keep track of everything. Never leave your purchases unattended, even for a few minutes.

How to Stay Safe While Clubbing

Remember there is safety in numbers Always go out with a group, especially if you’re female.

Keep an eye on your drinks at all times. Even if you run to the ladies room, have a friend hold on to your beverage for you

Drink water too!

Pack light. Leave any unneeded cards, money, keys and accessories at home. 

Know how you’re getting home. Don’t leave it up to maybe’s, especially if your location is out of the way. Have a taxi number in your cell phone or assure you’re getting a sober ride home.

Party smart and listen your intuition. Do not buy or accept drugs at a club. It’s pretty common knowledge that drugs sold at clubs are dirty, and you may be getting a sugar pill, or even something that was never meant to enter the human body

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