Knife Crime in Bermuda What You Need to Know

Knife Crime in Bermuda: What You Need to Know

In recent years, knife crime in Bermuda has noticeably increased. It’s no longer limited to gang culture as there has been a rise in domestic incidents involving a knife since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Residents and authorities alike are understandably alarmed by the statistics and how they are impacting the island. Bermuda’s Police Service has consequently stepped up its stop and search strategy in an attempt to deal with the issue.

Read on as we shed more light on the current state of knife crime in Bermuda.

Causes of knife crime

Why has knife crime become so prevalent in Bermuda? It’s extremely important that residents and authorities understand the root causes, in order to develop a prevention strategy that works.

Let’s look at several factors that either contribute to or lead directly to why this violence is happening.

Social and economic factors

High unemployment rates and economic imbalance can lead to increased crime, including knife-related incidents. In particular, when young people lack opportunities, they can turn to crime out of frustration or necessity.

Gang activity

Gang-related violence is a huge part of knife crime in Bermuda. Rivalries between gangs lead to violent confrontations fairly often and knives are common as they can be easily accessed.

Cultural influences

If there is a widespread attitude towards violence in the community and against conflict resolution, knife crime can increase. This attitude can come from a dislike of the police or long-standing cultural grudges. It’s essential that these cultural norms are addressed for any long-term change to happen.

Impact on the community

Knife crime impacts the entire community, not just direct victims of the crime. A constant and growing fear of violence leads to a decrease in public safety. Law enforcement isn’t trusted to protect and police the community, leading to growing divisions.

This level of unease also affects tourism as safety concerns keep potential visitors away. Not to mention healthcare costs increasing as the economy is impacted.

Statistics on knife crime

According to the Bermuda Police Service (BPS), knife-related incidents have significantly increased in recent years, with 120 incidents recorded in 2020, up from 90 in 2018. In 2023, there were over 130 incidents, highlighting an increasingly worrying trend.

Notably, individuals as young as 14 are the most likely to be both perpetrators and victims of knife crime. This emphasises how important it is for direct intervention in this age group.

Measures to tackle knife crime

Bermuda has taken several steps to tackle knife crime with varying success. The Bermuda Police Service has increased patrols and stop-and-searches, though these face criticism against public liberties.

Community programs, including youth outreach and mentorship, are in place to attract young people away from crime. Additionally, stricter penalties for knife-related offences have been introduced to prevent repeat crimes.

Moving forward with Crime Stoppers

To address knife crime in Bermuda, the community has a role to play as well. Residents can contact Crime Stoppers Bermuda to report information on any crime. Have a look at this typical knife crime example and see how the community can help by reporting what they know.

Crime Stoppers Bermuda is a confidential service that treats your information discreetly. You can call us on 800-8477 and speak to a highly trained staff member or report a crime online. Rest assured that you won’t be asked for your personal information. We’re only interested in the crime!

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